A mobile stand can be quickly and easily transformed into a comfortable stand with our sets of seats.

They are easy to assemble and completed in just a few steps.

The standard 200 cm seating configuration is made up of 4 seats. The appropriate number of sets of seating is used dependent on the graduation of the stage height, to ensure that a comfortable seating height of 45 cm is always achieved.

The seat shells are all 39.5 cm wide and 36 cm deep.

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The stand seats are available in green, red, yellow and white.
The fire-resistant seats are moulded from polypropylene and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use (optional anti-UV treatment).

If requested, we can number the front of the seats, supply special sizes and also tailor-made seats.


Anti-UV treatment

Technical Data:
Size of the seat shells 39.5 cm wide, 36 cm depth
Available colors red and black, other colors on request